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 Service requests

Type of preach, observances and events

  • Monthly pray: We come to your house to pray on the day of
             obit of defunct person every month.
             A day before or after will be no problem.

  • Pray at Obon: We come to your house at Obon's week to

  • Spring / Fall Equinox (Higan'e): (March / September)
          We learn and listen with what we feel for
          forerunners and what we think about Jodo with
          providence of Buddha from these Higan'e.

  • Hoonko: (November) This ceremony is for commemorating
          Shinran Shonin and appreciation of shearing lore
          of Tariki. This is one of the most important

  • First time parying after birth: This ceremony is for
        bonding new born babies with Buddha and reporting to
        Amida that he/she can be growing safely and
        shrouding with mercy.

  • Buddhist style wedding: This wedding is to take marital
         vows and to bond bride and groom in front of

  • Buddhist style funeral: Appreciation to Amidanyorai and
         learn about Buddha's lore called "Monpo".

  • Buddhist memorial services: Defunct person gives us
         the oppotunity to listen Buddha's lore. 1st seven
         days after the death through 7th seven days.
         100 days after the death.(Hyakkanichi),
         1year(1 shuki), 2years(3 Kaiki), 6years(7 Kaiki),
         12years(13 Kaiki), 16years(17 Kaiki), 24years(25
         Kaiki), 32years(33 Kaiki), 49years(50 Kaiki),
         99years(100 Kaiki).
         ***** Can be held every year. *****

  • Amidanyorai Welcoming ceremony: We come to your house to
         pray when you get a new Buddhist altar or complete
         moving it to a new place.

  • Amidanyorai transition ceremony: We come to your house to
         pray when you start moving a Buddhist altar to
         a new place or scrapping it.

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